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Second wind


CodeGarden 2012 is just around the corner. I’m really excited about all the progression that the Umbraco project has made in the lead-up to this annual conference, and even more so by the prospects for the future with such a fantastic community pouring more and more time into helping it grow and develop.

Sadly though, for the first time in a few years, I won’t be there this year to take part first-hand, as it’s time to pass on the baton; I’m leaving the Umbraco HQ and taking another role.

Copyright ©2011 Doug Robar / Percipient Studios Great guys

The v5 project has been a fun, rewarding and challenging whirlwind over 2 years, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredibly clever people, make some great friends and even better memories of all the lively discussions we had.

During this time the Umbraco project itself has added a lot of great facets to its virtual character – for example the community site Our Umbraco relaunched with its public package repository at about the same time we began sketching out v5 itself. Although looking back it can often seem like one of the biggest strings to Umbraco’s bow has always been there, at the time we could have only hoped for a fraction of the upsurge in community-developed packages and the overwhelmingly helpful response of the community on its forums earning Karma for each helpful answer. The Karminator himself was so prevalent with packages and forum posts, he even ended up joining the company!

The v4 core too evolved quickly as a result of brilliant input from volunteers the world over – Razor support & its DynamicNode query style launched 6 months before the 5.0 CTP at CodeGarden 11, and got even better a few months later in 4.7 with the addition of many helper methods and improvements.

v5 has had some great input from volunteers too, and for that we remain incredibly grateful and wanted to do what we could to enable people to do more – adding tools such as the Progress page, with its data based on the YouTrack system we introduced as part of the v5 project.

When we presented v5 at various meetups, we mentioned we’d release 5.0 with a limited featureset and iterate over the following months on performance and features to get it supporting both small and large sites alike. The pace with which people wanted to push it further and faster than we could ship it was a testament to how vibrant the Umbraco ecosystem is. 5.2 Beta is now out in the hands of the many generous beta testers out there since we put it live on CodePlex last week, and is a big step forward with performance improvements, the beginnings of those all-important packaging tools by the stellar Matt Brailsford and Morten Christensen, and a really nice NodeSelector by Shannon Deminick, to help people build upon it. There’s also Contour 2, uCommerce 3 Beta, CMSImport.. tonnes of exciting stuff.

There’s a very interesting road ahead with great features of both v4 and v5 that I’m sure people will want combining, and it’s a fair bet all kinds of exciting prospects for the future are going to emerge. I know the community and core team will have a great time this summer and beyond, helping Umbraco realise its continually improving potential, and there are some really interesting sessions lined up for CG12.

Umbraco has been in my blood for years, since I was at Condé Nast and chose 4.0 to relaunch Wired. I subsequently was honoured to become a core contributor and discovered the many generous, fun and friendly people in its community. Although it’s time for me to move on during the daylight hours, I’ll be keeping up to date with Umbraco and hope to keep in touch with its many talented, friendly people and help out where I can for a long while yet.


This year my girlfriend @federicacocco and I are driving the ambulance pictured below from London to Mongolia for charity, in order to donate the vehicle and any funds we raise to a community in need.

Please spare a few £ / $ / € and help, it’s really easy at our Team page: justgiving.com/muttley-to-mongolia

Below is the ambulance we’ll be donating, setting off on July 9th 2011 and arriving roughly 4-5 weeks later. We’re doing this in partnership with the London Ambulance Service and the registered UK charity Go Help.


Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, including a very generous £250 from my awesome employer, Umbraco. We appreciate all donations large or small, so please do give something today – thank you!

Our route is below. Not long, eh? Smile We’ll also be tweeting, blogging and filming along the route. If you’d like your company to sponsor us, we can accept wire transfers or PayPal Donate transfers too – please do get in touch as we’ll pretty much bend over backwards to accommodate your sponsorship request. There’s a lot of space on the side of that ambulance for logos etc.!


We’ll be liveblogging the journey at this tumblr: http://mongoliarally.tumblr.com/