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Umbraco 5: May the blogging commence


I just kicked off some blogging about Umbraco 5 over on the official Umbraco blog.

First up I’ve done an introduction setting the scene for those who couldn’t attend the festivals this year, and then I’ve posted a Q&A for November (hey, there are still a few days left…)

Next week I’ll be posting some technical details on our data modelling.


I spoke last Friday at the UK Umbraco Festival, giving a snapshot of version 5 which is currently in development.

It was a great event and a testament to the powers of Warren Buckley (Xeed) and Adam Shallcross (The CogWorks) – their Umbraco community skills amaze me.

Here’s the synopsis of the talk below, here’s my slidedeck, and the video of the talk can be seen here at the Umbraco Stream site.

“Umbraco 5 is going to become the Umbraco you know and love on the outside, with a leaner body on the inside. In this reasonably techie talk I’ll go through some of the architecture choices, and I’m sure at one or two points there’ll be Visual Studio and a browser up on screen to show everyone progress so far. It’s early days so we’ll be looking at the concepts in progress, but Umbraco 5 will be pluggable to the nth degree, so this talk will give a bit of insight into where things are headed and how we’re going to get there. For anyone interested in how we maintain a global team I’ll also give a quick insight into how we organise the project and explain about some of the upcoming milestones for the rest of 2010.”

There were great talks including the keynote by Niels in which he shows the upcoming Windows Phone 7 app for Umbraco, and skinning coming in version 4.6. Many of the others are available at http://stream.umbraco.org – check it out. Thanks to all who came and made it a really interesting day out!