In my post last Friday I detailed how I’d noticed that WikiLeaks was using servers at Amazon in the US and Ireland for its latest release. I noticed completely by chance and had the good fortune to post it within the hour of their launch, and since then a few different sites have picked up on the story.

Netcraft since blogged about the find here, as did The Register, and most recently The Daily Telegraph. I also managed to get a question asked via Twitter during the Frontline Club press conference with Julian Assange but unfortunately some confusion led to a mixed answer.

With the increased press attention to the matter I’ve kept an eye on the domains every once in a while. As of today, the Amazon US mirror at just got removed from one of the sites leaving only Ireland and France. The Irish IP is still run by Amazon, a US company.

Right now, the Amazon US mirror is still on the main site at, but I’ll update if this changes.

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