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Umbraco CodeGarden11 wrap-up


This year’s Umbraco festival, CodeGarden11, was another fantastic success and as ever, brilliant fun. Amongst all of the great sessions and the happiest tech community on the planet, it’s difficult to take just a few highlights, but here’s a couple of things which stood out for me:

The Retreat

Copyright ©2011 Doug Robar / Percipient Studios

Each year the Umbraco HQ flies out the Umbraco MVPs who are nominated by the community, together with other active contributors, for a few days of drinking, BBQing and hacking in Denmark prior to the CodeGarden festival. It’s one of our ways of saying “thanks”, and it’s always great to get everyone together from all over the world. We also have a tradition of playing a bit of football, so this year we went the whole hog and got shirts personalised for everyone. I’m the one second from right, sucking in my fat takeaway-induced belly.

We played shortly after this photo was taken. I wish we had a proper “before” and “after” shot, since half of us flagged during the game and the rest were shadows of their former selves, but we did get another kind of team photo done at least:

Copyright ©2011 Doug Robar / Percipient Studios

This was one of the bingo prizes Smile

The keynote announcements

The video for the keynote is up and has some placeholders for you to jump straight to each section.

Courier 2.0

The Umbraco Courier homepagePer from the HQ has been hard at work for many months (in addition to welcoming a new baby girl into the family – the guy is quite prolific) and the resulting Courier 2 deployment tool, released shortly before CodeGarden itself, has already been a runaway success. Check out the details page here, and the keynote video above.

Projects 2.0: The Umbraco Deli

The Umbraco Deli homepageLikewise Peter and Paul from the HQ have also been hard at work (although they are lagging behind Per as no new children this year yet). At CodeGarden they launched the new marketplace for commercial Umbraco packages, codenamed the Umbraco Deli. It’s a really straightforward and easy-to-use tool if you want to have your Umbraco plugin sold through a central repository. Umbraco HQ takes a small percentage of proceeds and provides you with all the licensing and admin tools you need, together with great stats.

Umbraco 5 CTP

The Umbraco 5 CTP release page on CodePlexFinally, not wanting to be out-done on the hard work front, myself, Shan and the rest of the team have been busy building version 5 of Umbraco. We released the first Community Technology Preview during the CodeGarden keynote, and the feedback so far has been humbling!

You can find session videos on the CodeGarden11 site for all of the above, including the great sessions by our guest speakers too – and we’re adding more each day.

The boat-party

Copyright ©2011 Doug Robar / Percipient Studios

Ah, the boat party. Always fun to grab a load of drinks and relax after the first day of CodeGarden whilst having a tour around the wonderful city of Copenhagen. This year unofficially sponsored by Tuborg and Lonely Island:

Like a boss

The boat-party, part 2

I took this picture at 6am after the last day after an awesome night out

I'm on a boat


Today was cracking for a number of reasons: I got a bunch of stuff checked-in to the Umbraco 4.1 branch, made it to Umbraco’s 5th birthday event on the Thames in London, met up with a tonne of interesting people all variously involved in implementing Umbraco solutions around the UK, and did a talk with Pete Miller on scalability and cloud hosting.

The event itself was, by all accounts, a great success. Adam Shalcross (Cogworks) and Warren Buckley (Xeed) did a great job of organising it all, so much so that the venue had to be changed to fit the amount of people who wanted to go.

Here’s the video of our talk. The first part of my intro I think I was still recovering from 4 days’ food poisoning on which I’ll blame my propensity for saying “erm”, but I like to think I settled down eventually…

Alex Norcliffe & Peter Miller from CondeNast – Cloud computing & scalability from Paul Marden on Vimeo.