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A month ago WikiLeaks added to their burgeoning notoriety by launching the controversial Iraq war logs. Completely by accident I noticed they were hosted on Amazon servers, in their Ireland and US datacentres, and blogged about it here.

The story got picked up by The Register, The Telegraph and then spread to various other places. Even Paul Mutton, the guy who blogs for NetCraft, picked up the trail and has been blogging about it since on the homepage.

I thought it was a Big Deal – to me it seemed so odd, surely a mistake, to put this material not only on servers run by a US company, but physically on US soil – surely making it quite difficult to refute claims of illegality by the US authorities.

imageAnd then, tonight, they go and launch the ‘cablegate’ US Embassy logs – and it appears that to WikiLeaks using a US hosting company like Amazon isn’t a source of worry at all.

The new site,, is hosted on the same Octopuce and Amazon US IP addresses I reported last month. The homepage is currently spread across two Amazon Ireland IP addresses.

I had thought that the slow removal of the Amazon servers over the past few weeks was demonstration of Amazon’s quiet refusal to host the material; I was evidently wrong. So much for the “Swedish bunkers”.


I’m not going to prattle on much about WikiLeaks, but I noticed something again about the recent WikiLeaks US Embassy release.

Quick disclaimer: it’s just harmless gossip, I’ve nothing to do with WikiLeaks, and may even be wrong.

So I was scanning through one of the cables on The Guardian’s coverage of WikiLeaks’ latest release, and noticed a hyperlink at the bottom of the cable.








This hyperlink refers to the “SGOV.GOV” SLD which refers to SIPRNET, which apparently is the internal network used for diplomatic purposes.

I’m not an expert, but that looks like a MediaWiki address (of Wikipedia fame) to me.